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Hospitality Recruitment Campaign – Visit Baltimore

As an agency with an office in Baltimore, we are proud to work with Visit Baltimore, on a recruitment campaign. They are a private, not-for-profit organization and the official destination marketing organization for the City of Baltimore. They generate economic benefits for the region through the attraction of convention, group and leisure visitors by marketing its unique offerings. We have been working with them since 2020, when we produced, “We’re Back“, a campaign to attract visitors after COVID lock downs.   

Hospitality Is Big Business But Has Been Suffering Since COVID.

Hospitality and tourism are among the largest industries across the Baltimore region but have been facing headwinds since COVID disrupted the industry, closing business and pushing staff to explore new industries. The growth of hospitality depends on strong job opportunities which support the needs of all types of visitors—leisure, business and convention.  It takes everyone from the front desk manager to the event coordinator to the restaurant server to make Baltimore a welcoming environment to visitors. 

We Created An Employee Recruitment Campaign For The Hospitality Industry.

So earlier this year, we worked with Visit Baltimore in recruiting the top industry professionals through an omni channel campaign that attracted earned media in the area. There’s no better way to learn about the opportunities across the hospitality business than from those who have had career success in the industry. Working with the team at Visit Baltimore and their media agency, TBC, we created a campaign that featured real life workers, who share where they see the most opportunities in their fields. Told through their words, we used their VO to tell viewers what they love about their work and the benefits it offers. We featured Eric Reyes, manager at Hotel Indigo, Chef Scott Bacon from Megadalina and Traci Archable, a longtime security officer at the Baltimore Museum of Art. We shaped these stories to highlight the opportunity for a career while working in a supportive environment with great people and benefits. The final deliverables resulted in an anthem video with 3 supporting videos featuring each of the ambassador’s success stories.

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