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You Can Only Work Fast if Everyone Holds On

One of my favorite Super Bowl ads this year was Jeep’s Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. It was delightful in all ways – strategy, performance, production, editorial and sound. From the concept through the execution, it was an absolutely entertaining and culturally relevant piece that worked on all levels.

It might be hard to fathom, but the spot was created, produced, shot and edited in ONE WEEK, AND on the weekend before the big game. For those unfamiliar with Bill Murray folklore – you mail a letter or call his 1-800# and leave a message. He will find you if he’s interested. Well, he found the Jeep & Highdive team, with little time to spare. It’s crazy and exciting to see a brand go all-in on the biggest stage in this fashion, but you can tell they truly believed in concept, team, and the payoff.

Every campaign and production has elements of risk – weather, timelines, physical, budget, etc – that are mitigated through hard work, experience, planning, and most importantly having the right team in place that shares one singular goal. They also have limits – time, money, and creative appetite. Campaigns should have goals and objects, these along with limits is where we start to create work that conquers the noise. Creatives thrive on pushing these boundaries, but to do so, there has to be trust. While collaboration and trust seem to be buzzwords today, they are built over time. It’s forged through candid conversations, intuition, asking questions, understanding motivations and solving problems.

Our model is made for speed and I get excited when our team is challenged. It pushes us to grow, evolve, learn and build something that was better than the day before.

At the end of the day, we’re all in it together and you can only work fast if everyone holds on.

You can find the whole story about how it was made here – https://musebycl.io/super-bowl/director-jim-jenkins-shooting-bill-murrays-super-bowl-commercial-jeep

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