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Return To Lacrosse

Campaign & Remote Production
The Full Story


Lacrosse and the rest of the sporting world abruptly stopped when COVID 19 took a foothold in the U.S. Players hunkered down and practiced from at home in isolation, away from teammates. As the nation dealt with the effects of isolation and uncertainty, Warrior and Brine athletes fought through and embraced the moment as an opportunity to identify holes in their game and improve. Their athletes have never backed down from a challenge and this moment is no different.

In an effort to inspire, excite, and build anticipation for a full return to lacrosse using their sponsored athletes, we developed a campaign, “Return To Lacrosse”, with focus on the player as they prepare to come out of isolation and play with their team again.

The social media campaign featured individualized video vignettes and stills of each athlete.

Get Ready. Stay Ready. Play to Win. #backtolax
COVID Challenges


The campaign featured all 11 sponsored athletes who are spread out across the country which posed production challenges when combined with the restrictions of COVID. After our creative team locked in the concept and script, we created small remote teams in each city that was directed by our director from his home office in MD. Each team was sent a creative brief that contained a shot list, style guide, example imagery and voice over capture. The goal was to minimize the number of individual shooters and people on set.