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Visit Baltimore

Recruitment Campaign Creative and Content Production
The Challenge

Post-Covid Headwinds in Baltimore's Hospitality Industry

Baltimore has a robust tourism industry that supports local businesses and cultural institutions. But the local hospitality industry was hit hard by the pandemic and continued to face labor challenges in its wake. Visit Baltimore, a non profit organization made up of member hotels and restaurants, set out to help revive Baltimore’s hospitality economy by recruiting workers as it prepared for an influx of major tourism events, including the 2022 CIAA basketball tournament. Facing missed tax revenue, reputational risk and a depressed economy, if businesses were not able to meet the labor demand, they reached out for help.


Our Solution

We went right to work. Our research found that potential employees didn’t know a career in the hospitality and restaurant industry can not only be rewarding, but has ample opportunity for career growth. So we recruited Baltimore’s best hospitality ambassadors, real workers themselves, making them into the hero of their story as they talked about career opportunities and working in the industry. We celebrated their passion, their commitment, and the flavors and places Baltimore has to offer. Their stories inspired audiences to consider hospitality work and directed audiences to a central job board. Meeting our future candidates where they were, we connected with applicants through TV, radio, streaming audio, online video, connected TV, out-of-home, print and social media ads to drive awareness and action.

The results speak for themselves.


In local and state tax revenue


Captured in economic impact


applicants were hired