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Incubator Series

We are so excited to introduce Uncharted, a marketing incubator series for nonprofits inside the 1% For the Planet network.

Through its event programming, the series works with nonprofits to:

  • Combine the perspectives of ethical brand leaders into plans of action for nonprofit organizations in the 1% For the Planet network
  • Embrace the hard work, tough decisions and in-progress nature of making positive change in the world through business and marketing
  • Give emerging talent a foot in the door in a notoriously hard industry (marketing) to break into

How it Works
Each session features a nonprofit making a measurable impact through one or several of the following areas: Product, Community, Culture & Planet.

At the start of each session, a short presentation outlining the selected nonprofit’s problems within in their marketing. Attendees will then break into incubation sessions, combining their individual experience & perspectives to form a plan of action.

Uncharted is intentionally limited to the number of participants to create meaningful discussions & drive measurable impact — 100 people max. Attendees might not be in the same category or role, but everyone shares the common interest of making the world better.

Each event will have a balanced mix of:

  • Brand Marketers that are entrepreneurial in practice or spirit
  • Emerging Talent that aspires to one day change the world

Register for our July 27 event featuring EcoRise here.

Register for our August 31 event featuring Solar Sister here.

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