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The Humanity Lab

We are so proud to be a part of the global collective of marketing leaders launching a new incubator for change: The Humanity Lab. It was built to amplify, galvanize and impact the anti-racism, pro-humanity agenda.

Unconquered’s partnership with THL is a step toward stewarding our mission of changing the world through commerce into action. We want to help create opportunities that are not available today for future generations. Making bolder moves has started with focusing on how we can correct inequalities and our own participation in that system.

As a partner, we created the visual identity and will continue to support the organization through creative services.

The Humanity Lab was founded by Veronica Marshall, and leadership team Atif Kazmi, Jeanne Fu, Waleed Elgindy, Ryan Stender. Our co-conspirator inaugural partners include Nadine Dietz at Adweek, Google, networkgray, Kelly Byrd at Onclusive, Robert Navarro, Julia Kim, Jade Lun.

Join us! Stand up and change the world!