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Thought Leadership

Lucy Glaser, Sustainability Playbook

Unconquered’s Lucy Glaser took part in Adweek’s Sustainability and DEI Summit, moderating a discussion with Head of Sustainability at Restaurant Brands International, Elmis Medina. She shares her playbook on how to do right by people and planet via research-driven supply chain optimizations that drive global change and increase brand-level, consumer value. Lucy wrote a piece that captures the discussion. Full article here. Key takeaways below.


  1. Clearly and simply articulate your challenge. Develop program communications in a way that will not only resonate with working teams, but all the way up to leadership that might not be as technically versed.
  2. Understand consumer expectations. Sustainability is a broad topic; narrow it to what will most resonate with guests in brand communications.
  3. Focus Resources. Make sure you’re supporting the areas in which you can make the most scalable impact.