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Sid Sharma
Wild Kombucha

Jonathan speaks with Sid Sharma, co-founder of Wild Kombucha, a Baltimore based kombucha company in this week’s episode. The two talk about how COVID has affected business and what they are doing to pivot in a time when sales are down and staff has thinned out. Sid also speaks to their partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and how the bay is close to his heart and product.

“Our brand is a reflection of who we are. We live the lifestyle of the brand.” -Sid Sharma

The two jump into marketing and how Wild Kombucha has saturated the East Coast through a grass roots approach. Their product quality has been a big part of how they have differentiated themselves. Sid talks about how Kombucha is a living product and that the quality can deteriorate by the time it reaches the customer so they came up with work arounds to deliver the best product they could.

Community was a theme in the episode and Sid spoke about how they want to create passionate work culture. “Anyone we bring on we want them to be passionate about something. It doesn’t have to relate to kombucha in any way; can be photography, improv, stand up – it fosters creativity. Creativity is all perspective, the things and perspectives and experiences they bring in can bring a different approach to the way they do things.” said Sid.