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Rita Katona
So Good So You

This week’s episode with Rita Katona, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of So Good So You, is full of insights any business leader can learn from. The conversation kicks off talking about their recent capital investment of $14.5 million from Prelude Growth Capital and how they’ve grown 380% in the past 3 months. Rita speaks to how their growth trajectory has not been straight up, but one that zigzags, making their recent success even sweeter. 

Jonathan and Rita open up about how  her early upbringing helped her shape what she is doing now. Her early childhood was full of eating fresh food, mostly plants, that they grew themselves, paving the way for a healthy lifestyle and starting a business focused on a healthy lifestyle. They talked about how her values have always been there, but have crystallized over time as she has grown older and gained more confidence. Prior to So Good So You, she worked at Target on the merchandising side and was a health and nutrition buyer at HSN.

The conversation weaves in and out of business strategy and best practices as they talk to the role of social media, community and knowing their customers. “Our community is a group of health optimizers. They’re proactively interested in managing their health and it’s something the pandemic has accelerated for the larger consumer group, which has resulted in our current stellar results,”said Katona. They discuss how millions of people making small decisions add up and make a difference. The conversation wraps up with Rita offering her advice on how to handle mid career challenges for corporate employees and how business owners can create environmental initiatives.