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At Unconquered, we believe the unconquered spirit is at the heart of every great brand. This fuels us to Create and Conquer. We use our commerce to change the world. It should drive you too. We are looking for collaborators, thinkers, doers and problem solvers. We don’t work with assholes or big egos. You must respect people’s time, energy, background and thoughts. Our home base is in Baltimore, but we have partners in NYC & WDC and team members throughout the country. Come join us and make work you love if share the below attributes. 

  • You are empathetic — you can see beyond the literal ask or comment to the bigger picture, concern or need and respond with action. You are able to connect deeply with teammates and our partners to bring solutions that work for everyone.
  • You are comfortable in a startup environment — fast-paced, highs and lows, you are comfortable with the unknown. 
  • You are a creative maker, who is process oriented and has a strong point of view with the ability to bring people together to create and inspire innovative solutions.
  • You are tenacious — you are relentless in the pursuit to make the best work.  
  • You accept your humanity — you’re a superstar in your role, but humbly acknowledge when you’re out of your depth, have made a mistake or need a break. You strive for excellence, but stay grounded in where work sits in the big picture of life.  
  • You have purpose and passion — you are driven by more than just a paycheck or way to spend your time. You have a deep motivation to help make the world a better place.

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