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Oliver Tomalin
Love Brand & Co.

Oliver Tomalin founded The Love Brand & Co. ten years ago with sustainability and impact in mind. He connected with Jonathan from his home in the UK, where his business is based, to talk about early inspiration and how he found his passion for elephant conservation. A trained architect, Oliver designs the clothing and retail stores. “There was an entrepreneurial spirit in me that wanted to create something new, be more adventurous.” said Tomalin. 

Oliver’s early years of traveling exposed him to a variety of cultures and experiences that live on through The Love Brand. As he developed the brand in the early years he knew he wanted to do something positive. “It was rather serendipitous, I walked out my front door, saw painted elephants raising awareness for endangered elephants, and that was the beginning of the last 10 years, and every day since I’ve been passionately pursuing this brand and saving endangered elephants” 

“I define [sustainability] as a willingness, and caring, really. If you can start with caring and generally looking at any situation and having a responsible, caring objective, and have the willingness to improve it, that’s my anecdotal thing I’ve tried to employ, a step at a time.” said Oliver.

Passion is a clear theme in their conversation as Jonathan and Oliver talk to how that’s the driving force of what keeps it all going. Oliver noted that his passion is what keeps the business sustainable and has allowed him to get through the hurdles and mistakes while developing a new brand in a crowded marketplace.