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Nancy Taylor & Hannah Franco
époque évolution

Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco founded sustainable fashion brand, époque évolution. They joined Jonathan in this week’s episode of Conquer The Noise and the three talked through how there’s not one clear cut answer to the perfect sustainable solution. They describe their business as responsible instead of sustainable as they embrace the imperfectness and apply responsible decision making across the brand. This includes materials, manufacturing, people working within manufacturing, as well as the care (no dry cleaning) and how long it can be worn.

The origin of the brand name came from conversations around sustainability and the brands values. The word epoque means a moment in time, and in this moment in time, they believe there needs to be an evolution in the world and fashion.

They talk through some of the challenges they experience because making a sustainable brand is not black and white. For example, when considering materials, recycled fibers may not be the best option because of other environmental considerations. For example, one of their mills that’s making fabric with non-recycled materials has a lower carbon footprint than other mills using recycled materials and then shipping it from Asia. 

The pair embrace full transparency on all communication channels so that customers understand the long term impact. Fast fashion and $8 shirts have a big cost on the environment and it’s hard for people to see since it’s easy on their pocket. They have found that Instagram is the most effective communication piece because it’s a 2 way conversation and provides an opportunity to answer questions and engage more deeply. When asked about content, they talk through how videos that show people how to continually style/restyle old clothes are very powerful.

As the episode winds down, they talk about how to lead from love and let go of the fear. They share how you can’t let the fear of failing drive you and that you have to love your mission, brand and business partner.