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Mark Abrials
Avocado Mattress

Mark Abrials, CMO of Avocado Mattress, talks with Jonathan Hanson, Chief Creative Officer at Unconquered, about his role at Avocado Mattress and how they are creating non-toxic, organic healthy mattresses using natural materials that they believe are better for you and for the planet. With 20 years of marketing experience, including founding his own agency, Mark talks about the journey that led him to found the company with five other founders who all are responsible for specific parts of the business. As the business has grown, Avocado Mattress has taken on a greater responsibility to green initiatives and undergone a series of certifications to help create accountability. There is so much green washing, it’s really hard to believe what truly is green or whether that you’re getting what you’re paying for. They have joined 1% for the Planet as part of their giving program, became climate neutral, and then they recently became a B-corp.

As the company has grown, Mark talks about how making bolder moves start with focusing on the core product and is a journey of 1,000 steps.

“If you look at the big thing that needs to get done in just about any dimension you’ll almost never do it, so you just have to make little steps. You have to do incremental things. Ideally toward a bigger goal, but you just have to take small actions and just keep taking small actions. And eventually they all add up, and they work with other people.” said Mark.


As the conversation progresses, Jonathan and Mark talk to the importance of brands taking a position and having an opinion. In being safe, you really end up not saying anything with your brand and that can have an impact on sales. Part of having an opinion is talking through what it means to be sustainable and socially responsible. The two weave in and out of what those mean to them and how they support each other, but are not necessarily the same.