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Kat Nouri
Stasher Bags

In this episode Jonathan speaks with Kat Nouri, founder of Stasher Bag, a maker of reusable silicone bags. Jonathan and Kat had a very energetic conversation that explored how her cultural background combined with a focus on food and health helped her become an inventor and entrepreneur.

The conversation weaved in and out of sustainability and the different forms it takes, including running a sustainable business model, while connecting the dots between embracing failure and how it relates to entrepreneurship.

“Most of innovation comes out of failing — iterating, then doing it the right way. Allowing people to fail, with something to catch them without a huge consequence, is really important to innovation.” Said, Kat.

The topics evolved to covid and the Black Lives Matter moment as they discussed questioning the status quo. “Questioning the status quo is part of my DNA. I’m super excited about what’s going on in the world right now. Change comes with turmoil sometimes; if things are all the same and working, no one questions what’s going on.” Said, Kat.