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Karen Schnelwar

Karen Schnelwar, VP, Global Brand Strategy and Marketing of OXO, known for innovative kitchen and home goods, joins us for this week’s episode. She has been a strategist for 20 years and now combines her experience in strategy with marketing as a leader of OXO’s marketing.

Empathy is a big theme in this episode. They talk about how the brand started out of an act of love when Sam Farber, the founder, made a potato peeler for his wife Betsy, after seeing her struggle with the metal handle due to arthritis. Karen is tasked with keeping their messaging empathetic while showing how their product provides solutions to problems customers didn’t realize they had.

Listeners will learn what empathetic marketing is and how they can weave it into their marketing initiatives as well as how to take a strategic approach to reaching their potential customers. The two talk a little about what her previous career as a strategist consists of and how it’s helped her success to date.

OXO’s mission is to make the everyday better through a restless search for improvement. Part of their improvement is joining 1% For The Planet. During their conversation, Karen talks about the pillars they are supporting and how it all ties back to their business.