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Janie Heuck
Brooks Winery

Janie Heuck is the managing director at Brooks Winery in Willamette Valley, Oregon and began her winemaking journey after taking over her brother’s winery in 2004 when he suddenly passed away. Jonathan and Janie speak about the evolution Brooks Winery has taken and how the sudden loss of her brother has caused her to place a bigger emphasis on living and loving life and the people around her. Brooks Winery is currently offering Wines blended by sommeliers & wine professionals where proceeds are being donated to different charities.  

Janie talks through how taking care of their team, land and customers is at the heart of their brand. They are certified biodynamic by Detemer as well as a B corporation, practicing environmentally sustainable farming to bring the best of the grapes and land. Biodynamic wines are thought to have greater purity and clarity in the wines and the most honest expression to terroir, which all about a sense of place. The two talk through this and what it means to their production and growing season. 

Jane has honored her brother’s spirit through her efforts and has taken an active role in fostering community.

“Not everything you produce, you need to capitalize on.” 

As the conversation weaves in and out of wine nerdom, they talk through the current response to COVID 19 and how some brands are practicing  shortsightedness and selling hard instead of brand building and deepening relationships with their customers.