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ISO Warp Mesh

New Product Launch With Influencer Zach Currier
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ISO Warp Mesh

Warrior was the first lacrosse brand to create the WARP, pre-strung head for lacrosse sticks. After the initial launch, feedback and player sentiment expressed frustration around the lack of customization. In the spirit of innovation and to address the concerns of athletes, Warrior worked with their sponsored athlete, Zach Currier to create the ISO Warp Mesh, the first mesh piece Warrior has released in a decade. After concentrating on molded WARP pockets, Warrior re-entered the mesh market with what is seen as a game-changer. The mesh market is flooded with products from two companies that offer little differentiation because they are made in the same factory with the same materials. The ISO Warp Mesh is noticeably different from anything else available to players and addresses the complaints that players had about the Warp (can’t be customized) while maintaining the positive qualities. Warrior utilized their unique knitting technology and their inhouse manufacturing process to create a weather-resistant mesh that does not bag and remains consistent in all temperatures and conditions.

To continue building off of Warrior’s focus on innovation and Zach Currier’s notoriety of being an inventor, we focused on Zach’s role in creating this fully customizable product. This spot focused on the weather resistant aspect of the product, leaning into Zach’s design and testing as he crafts the new ISO Warp Mesh in his lab.

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