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How Interviewing Brand Leadership Can Create A Path For Creative Momentum

Interview Brand Leadership To Create A Path For Creativity like in this image of a start up founder.

Keeping your company’s purpose forefront keeps your creative work at its most effective so incorporating leadership’s input into your creative process is especially important. Through our client work, we have built in the act of interviewing brand leadership before creating brand campaigns to keep the work aligned with the brand’s overarching strategy and unique POV.   

When brand leadership and the creative team work together, they can act as your company’s guiding light, keeping your purpose on the front burner when communicating both publicly and internally. Leadership can give deeper insights into why the brand was created, what differentiates the brand from others within the competitive landscape which allows a brand to firmly position itself within the market. Discovering where it fits in with its mission, values and unique brand POV creates white space for the creative team to discover the brand’s niche and messaging.

While this team alignment may seem obvious, it often falls through the cracks leading to internal teams who don’t understand the brand’s mission, value, unique POV or place in the market. Since these directly inform everything from strategy, creative and messaging, it can cause the brand to suffer as it grows and can prevent it from meeting marketing goals due to a misalignment. This can present itself in many ways from poor goal performance, holes in customer service, off-brand marketing and advertising, to lower conversions. 

To prevent this, it is good practice to not only meet regularly but to conduct informal interviews, especially considering commerce trends are changing at an exponential speed. Businesses need to transition quickly to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market. Staying up-to-date on your company’s strategy and goals is vital to pivoting to meet this transition. This is especially important while determining your brand strategy, so you should have interviews with leadership baked directly into your discovery process.

Furthermore, as brands grow, they often lose sight of their original purpose. When that time has come, the leadership and creative teams  should work together to rediscover their mission and values and communicate those back to their teams through an internal campaign. If your company is at this crossroads, taking the time to meet to develop a cohesive approach in how to present it creatively is vital to crafting a brand story that remains true to the direction that your brand is heading and where it started.

If your business needs to revisit their brand identity or creative to better align it with your company’s strategy, Unconquered can help. Feel free to reach out for  a consultation.