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Empty Promises & Culture Change

It’s that time again, yes, for another industry view point, and we sincerely hope you are feeling inspired and positive as we go into July. In this quarter’s company note we discuss empty promises, culture change and purpose/passion, sectioned out below so you can skip ahead in between feeding the kids, zooming and your 2 minutes of personal time.



2020 continues on with major changes in culture via COVID 19 and social equality. Corporate responses have swooped in to take on becoming socially responsible as social media has become an echo chamber of sentiment, putting pressure on people and businesses to respond. This pressure has helped foster self reflection, solidarity and acknowledgement, but it has also caused poorly thought out reactions and posturing. Brands have traditionally skirted any controversy but the ongoing protest and conversations happening have insisted brands form an opinion because their silence is louder than ever. Our greatest fear right now is not change, but posturing and hollow promises from corporations. We fear the eagerness to align themselves is solely because the implications could hit their bottom line.



Many parallels can be made to the civil rights movement of the 60’s and we believe we are going through a moment in history that will create opportunities that are not available today for future generations.

Making bolder moves has started with focusing on how we participate in inequalities and our own unconscious bias. We have set a path to be more inclusive in our hiring and we will be following the 10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship. As an agency focused on client services, we have a responsibility to support and push our clients to establish efforts that are true. Culture shift is a result of sustained efforts and not reactionary trends, which will require us to keep these experiences top of mind so we can continue to make strides in combating racism. We encourage you to find your path forward, one step at a time and develop a plan of action that goes past “standing in solidarity”.


Our team has signed up to donate time and mentorship through a pay it forward program set up by Kate Huyett (sign up here). We have taken the Allyship & Action Pledge to commit to increasing the level of and transparency around diversity in our creative/marketing projects and we will be implementing other initiatives as the year progresses.



 In the spirit of sharing, you can coach and mentor through the re:work program, links below. 

  • Volunteer with re:work as a mentor, career coach, instructors, or strategic partner
  • Volunteer your time on weekends as a professional coach with re:work training

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