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Employer Brand Refresh For NZXT

We help employers create fandom for their workplace, culture, and employee experience because we believe a strong employer brand and culture has an important role in creating brand equity. It greatly influences retention and alignment which ripples outward to affect how a brand shows up publicly. We worked with NZXT to help them solidify their internal brand messaging after struggling with internal alignment which was affecting marketing and communications.

A Growing Company Who Wants To Be The Leading Brand in Gaming

NZXT was founded in 2004 by a PC gamer who saw a way to design better experiences for gaming. While their history is in hardware (components such as cases and coolers), they have built a solid reputation in the industry on their legacy of firsts. NZXT was the first brand to launch a white case, to remove the CD-Rom, and to sell a kit that helps gamers build their own PCs. Now they sell peripherals (keyboards, mice, and microphones) and have a software product called CAM that helps gamers monitor the health of their PC. 

Growing Confusion Amongst Employees Became a Growing Challenge

Fresh off of major growth in both the company and the industry at large, NZXT is looking ahead to being seen as a leading brand in gaming for entry-level consumers and experienced gamers alike. Amidst rapid expansion, from 50-500+ employees, some of the brand story has gotten lost along the way. They need a solid brand foundation that will carry them through 10-100x growth. This was their opportunity to design the NZXT brand experience. As a result of internal brand dilution, NZXT struggled to differentiate its brand externally.

Our Solution: Transform Employees Into Stewards Of Gaming In An Employer Brand Refresh

After doing a deep dive with brand leadership, employees and customers, we crafted a re-freshed brand narrative to share the brand’s “why” as a rally cry for employees.

A micro-site was created to give an interactive experience so viewers can retain a clear picture of the brand’s values, story and mission – showing how these manifest. To support the micro-site, we created a brand book that shared content with the site, but went deeper, illustrating how the re-freshed brand narrative informs how they communicate across channels, tone of voice, logo use, font and other tactile decision making. In the end, employees walk away with a deeper understanding for the brand and how to be stewards of gaming (full case study).

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