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Emma Rose Cohen

Final was founded in 2017 by Emma Rose Cohen after a successful Kickstarter campaign for their first product, Final Straw. Cohen wanted to make sustainability sexy and convenient through a design forward approach while bucking the stigma that environmentalism has to be a “hippie thing”.  Jonathan and Emma talk about what inspired her to start the company, where her plastic pollution obsession started, and how she is navigating marketing and social media. 

In the conversation they discussed ideas like object permanence in relation to trash, where objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen and how this affects our conservation efforts. Cohen is involved in the marketing of the businesses as well as leading it as the CEO. She talks about how she tries to align with messaging that uses humor and telling their story. Her advice is to find something unique to you and tell not market to everyone. “Imagine a room with 3 important people you want to talk to. Make it really personal.” When asked about how they hire and find value aligned team members she talked about how they try to find passion filled people that have multifaceted ways of expressing themselves. 

In the closing portion of the podcast the two navigate the conversation too empathy and how it unites us as humans and the environment. It doesn’t matter what your political, social or spiritual beliefs are, we are all united under the belief that this is our one planet and we should treat it with the love and care it deserves. “There is nothing political about saving the environment.” said Cohen.