We unlock the emotional power of fandom for brands.


Decoding Fandom: Insights For Understanding & Building Connections

Fans cheer at a concert. Unconquered is fandom powered creative agency in New York City.

If you asked us to pick the most powerful force in brand building over the past few years, the answer would be easy: it’s fandom. We’ve seen it transform brands through our work in sports, athletic apparel and footwear. And we can see it across culture, showing up in people waiting in line for Old Bay tattoos to Logan Paul’s Prime beverage skyrocketing into the beverage market and overtaking a legacy brand as an official sponsor of UFC. But for most companies, understanding and building fandom just isn’t part of the marketing mix. And those that fail to do so are risking their long-term relevance.

What it breaks down to, for us as an agency, is that fandom = passion. Call it our agency KPI. We are fascinated and moved by the emotion that inspires people to stand in line for days at a time, or go bare chested to sports games in deep winter. So we set out to answer, “What drives fans?”, and what we discovered was anything but simple. A culmination of quantitative data and research, we created a report called Decoding Fandom, to share critical insights that help marketers win today’s fans and create fandom-inspired cultural relevance. It’s our primer on how contemporary fandom works, what makes fans tick, and how to build brand fandom in collaboration with them. 

📥 Decoding Fandom: Insights For Understanding & Building Connections Between Fans and Brands 📥

Spoiler alert, fandom is an ecosystem that is always in motion, growing and changing. To build it, you have to understand its unique dynamics, from the individual to the communal. Decoding Fandom is our official primer on contemporary fandom and can help you rethink your brand’s connection with your audience. Download the report and start your journey towards unlocking the power of fandom for your brand. 

As we move forward as an agency, our POV on fandom has fueled our strategic and creative services to help brands understand, build, and tap into it. Whether that’s an insights-driven workshop or a content-driven creative campaign, we’re excited to dig in and help businesses grow.

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