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New Work: Crocs Taps into College Athlete Fandom

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In the world of casual footwear, Crocs has become a household name, known for their comfortable and versatile shoes. However, they wanted to go beyond their existing fan base and tap into the fervor surrounding college athletes and the world of sports. In a strategic move,  we worked with Crocs to collaborate with college-aged, sport-focused ambassadors to launch their exciting new campaign for the Mellow Slides. Leveraging the popularity of Duke basketball star Jared McCain and gold medal-winning gymnast Suni Lee, both of whom are NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) stars, Crocs aimed to amplify storytelling and captivate their existing fans while also attracting new fans.

Fan-First Insight: Comfort and Self-Care

Crocs recognized that their target audience of sports enthusiasts sought comfort and self-care in their everyday lives. Whether recovering from a tough training session or winding down after a long day of errands, these fans longed for products that would help them relax physically and emotionally. Understanding this fan-first insight, Crocs crafted a campaign centered around the idea of comfort as an essential component of self-care.

The Platform: Permission to Chill

Embracing the realities of intense training sessions, competitive sports, and the challenges of being a dedicated athlete or parent, Crocs unveiled their all-new Mellow Collection, a range of softest slides and flips designed to help people wind down after conquering the day. Crocs provided their audience with permission to chill, acknowledging their hard work and dedication while encouraging them to kick off their shoes and kick back in the soothing comfort of the Mellow Slides.

Suni Lee, Olympic Gold Medalist, poses in an ad for Crocs influencer marketing campaign.

Authentic Storytelling: Capturing Athletes’ Lives

To ensure a genuine connection between Crocs and their ambassadors, we captured the featured college athletes in ways that resonated with their personal interests and online presence. By showcasing authentic imagery of tough training sessions and juxtaposing them with moments of relaxation, Crocs allowed fans to relate to their favorite athletes through the lens of the brand.

Amplifying Reach: Connecting Fans and Bringing New Audiences

In collaboration with Jared McCain and Suni Lee, Crocs leveraged their ambassadors’ social media channels and personal narratives to amplify the campaign’s reach. Both athletes utilized their owned channels to share stories that highlighted the comfort and benefits of the Mellow Slides, enticing their existing fan bases and introducing new audiences to the Crocs brand. This strategic approach not only deepened the connection between Crocs and college athletes but also expanded the brand’s visibility to a wider audience.

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