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Brine Lacrosse Rebrand

Strategy, Campaign Creation and Influencer Marketing
The Full Story

The Brand

For over 60 years, Brine has been innovating and improving the game of Lacrosse. Stick by stick. Head by head. Victory by victory. Brine prides itself on being a brand dedicated to commitment, hard work and most importantly – the game of Lacrosse. A historically men’s focused multi-sport brand, this past year we worked with their internal creative team as they rebranded, creating a new logo and campaign to launch a brand focused campaign as well as a new stick and head, that reintroduces the brand as a women’s focused leader in lacrosse. 

The end result was a campaign strategy that used lacrosse influencers, social media, a print ad and seeding boxes to point to a microsite featuring the campaign manifesto and user submitted videos. The site encouraged women to share their favorite lacrosse moment using Brine’s custom filter, as they tell the world to #watchus. The captured content was repurposed on Brine’s social channels. The campaign debuted on International Women’s Day aligning Brine’s efforts to support and create change across women’s lacrosse.

Women’s lacrosse players are strong - mentally, physically and emotionally. For too long, their dedication on and off the field has gone unnoticed by most, but they’ve pushed through and built a family.

The Challenge

Our challenge was two fold. We needed to roll out a new product and a new brand. As a 100 year equipment maker with a history of focusing on men’s sports, we identified there was confusion on where Brine stands among equipment makers. They want to galvanize themselves as the leading brand for the new era of female lacrosse athletes by supporting them to be their best. They want to inspire young women to be a better player, competitor, teammate and friend so they can succeed on and off the field. By empowering the athlete we shine a brighter light on the game, making it more accessible.

Micro Site

The microsite served as a central place to keep and share all of the submission’s Brine received and was used to reinforce the messaging of the campaign. The site featured three of Brine’s pro athletes on the home page, each who shared their own videos.