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Better Never Stops

Brand Campaign & Athlete Marketing
The Full Story

Innovation Is A Mindset

Warrior wanted to excite and inspire lacrosse athletes through the launch of their new Burn product line that included a new head, shaft and protective gear. Lacrosse equipment is sold piece by piece and a player is constantly optimizing not only himself, but their gear. Warrior’s innovative products have a player’s back, like their best teammate because they know equipment brands have to earn their trust to have a spot on the field.

Innovation is a mindset that everything is a work in progress. Zach Currier, who is apart of Warrior’s athlete marketing, described his own methodology & mindset as a “tinkerer” – examining and experimenting at every stage with every variable to create the best product. These small improvements can create the largest victories when put in the hands of the player. Warrior has obsessed over every detail, so athletes can obsess over making themselves the best player they can.

Creative Concept

Better Never Stops

“Athlete” is a mentality. The best are never satisfied. They never think they’re good enough. And never think they can’t get better. They’ll tinker, practice, learn, over and over again. They’ll eek out every last drop of improvement with every last ounce of energy, because BETTER NEVER STOPS. We featured all 8 of their sponsored athletes in our anthem video as well as created content for their individual social media channels. Each athlete had their own hero anthem, showing how Better Never Stops.