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Anne Marisic
Maine Beer Co.

Anne Marisic, Head of Marketing and Events at Maine Beer Co. and Jonathan dig into the founding story of the company and how their slogan, “Do What’s Right.” is at the heart of everything they do.

They have been a part of 1% For The Planet since the company began in 2008. “We’ll take care of our people, our communities, and our planet and make great beer while doing it.” said Anne. Anne reveals that their marketing is tied up in nonprofit work instead of doing advertisements, unless tied to nonprofits. The two talk about how Maine Beer Co. takes care of their team through a scholarship program and allows them to choose a nonprofit that they’re passionate about to give back to.

“It’s refreshing to not rely on paid marketing, it feels like it’s pushing the brand, whereas we want to be pulled into the market, not pushed. When you’re pulled, it means people want you.” said Anne. As the conversation progresses, they talk about how Maine Beer Co. has not followed trends and sticks to what they are good at. Known for classic hop-forward beers, they have a robust R&D program for their staff to experiment with different recipes and processes. Diversity and inclusion was also talked about as they are evaluating our hiring practices and have focused on what makes someone great for the job vs. having experience doing it.