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5 Takeaways From Conquer The Noise

Many believe CSR is a strategy only implemented by large corporations who are able to give back to society in big ways – monetarily or through action. Over the course of interviewing a diverse group of leaders in business and sustainability, we learned that starting off with small increments and establishing a core set of brand values ultimately lead to significant change within a business and their environmental or social footprint. 

At Unconquered, we’re committed to pushing our clients to think more holistically about CSR, in support of our mission to change the world through commerce. These programs can be implemented and scaled at any level. Conquer the Noise, our podcast hosted by co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jonathan Hanson, was created to serve as a “how to” as we talk with founders and marketing leaders on how they are making efforts to create businesses focused on creating purpose beyond generating revenue.

The first series, Purpose and Passion in Business, is in partnership with 1% For The Planet and encourages listeners to think about how to integrate brand values to add depth to their businesses purpose and societal value while expanding the definition of sustainability outside of environmental efforts.   

As CSR programs are embraced across corporations, ad agencies will become central to the implementation across brands due to their role in helping craft and being the key communicator for brand messaging. Corporate social responsibility is a business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders and the public. By practicing CSR, a company is operating in a way that enhances society and the environment. 

We spoke with a variety of businesses and leaders from C-level executives to individual small business owners to learn what has been effective. Below are takeaways from our conversations. 

5 Ways To Help Steward A CSR Program:

  • So Good So You, Rita Katona, Co Founder, Chief Innovation Officer – Get to know your customers through social listening and surveys so that you can keep them engaged through content and product offerings they resonate with them.
  • OXO, Karen Schnelwar, VP Global Brand Strategy and Marketing – OXO designed their products for the people who need help the most, bucking the trend of designing for the top of the bell curve. By doing so, it expanded who they were creating for while also helping the bulk of the population, expanding the impact of their design choices. 
  • Boxed Water Is Better, Rob Koenen, CMO – Establishing brand values can help create a North star to guide during difficult times and to frame all future efforts from marketing to employee benefits. Consumers will align with brands who take these values further and publicly standing for something like social equality or the environment. 
  • Cabot Creamery, Jenni Tilton-Flood, Cabot Farmer & Owner – Working as a co-op and B Corp has created a trickle up effect for the brand that starts with securing community and pooling resources, strengthening the foundation of the company. Cabot Creamery is the first B Corp dairy producer.
  • Stasher Bags, Kat Nouri, Founder and CEO – Innovation comes from creating a safety net for your employees to fail and to continue iterating.